The 3G Zen Coffee Table is Mesmerizing to Watch

 - Feb 9, 2012
References: theawesomer & bornrich
The 3G Zen coffee table is sure to wow guests, just don't be surprise if the conversation is somewhat lacking. Mesmerizing and addictive to watch, the 3G Zen coffee table is a must-have for every high-tech den. The player piano of zen gardens, the 3G Zen coffee table independently draws doodles and words in the sand that lies beneath a pane of tempered glass. Created by video game developer Simon Hallam, this fun piece of furniture will have your friends gawking.

The 3G Zen coffee table comes with an SD card containing a number of preset sculpting patterns. You can choose to purchase the optional 3G modem as well, so you can add to your collection. If you purchase now you are also entitled to the Android and iPhone app that is currently under development. The app will make it possible to write messages to the people at the table and create your own designs.

Dazzling, hypnotic and engaging, the 3G Zen coffee table is for tech enthusiasts.