The 'Venus of Google' Sculpture Proves Artistic Value of 3D Printers

 - May 15, 2013
Artist Matthew Plummer-Fernandez has found a way to construct sculptures using only technology. By creating a complex algorithm, Plummer-Fernandez was able to transform a picture from a Google Image Search to a texturized 3D sculpture.

The 'Venus of Google' is the algorithm's interpretation of Google's interpretation of an original image. It's a lot to think about, but this chain of subjective interpretations eventually relay the algorithm's interpretation to the 3D printer, which begins to create the structure.

The original image used depicted a woman wearing a nude bodysuit. Plummer-Fernandez, who is known for using a lot of texture and polemics, used the algorithm to produce a warped version of the original photo. This 3D sculpture bears an uncanny resemblance to the Venus de Milo, which has since garnered it the name: the 'Venus of Google.'

By creating an artistic work using a 3D printer, Plummer-Fernandez has proven that this new technology is useful in more than just product creation, and might become the preferred artistic medium of many young artists in the years to come.