'#God' is a Bell-Shaped Lamp That Lights Up with Twitter Mentions

 - Apr 5, 2016
References: behance.net & 3ders.org
The latest project from New York-based artist Diego Zaks is a 3D-printed lamp that's named '#God.' The piece consists of two pieces, including a bell-shaped lamp, which lights up whenever #God is mentioned on Twitter and a panel, which displays the corresponding social media messages on a screen.

Zaks says: "The idea is to visualize the contrast between the sanctity and historical representation of the word 'God' and the way we are exposed to it on a daily basis in social channels and its new associations." Alongside genuine messages of worship, #God appears on social media about every two seconds, alongside everything from political criticisms to reactions to hilarious branding stunts.

Originally, Zaks raised money for this idea through a GoFundMe campaign and it has since been displayed at the 'Conceived Without Sin' show in NYC.