These 3D Nipple Tattoos are for Female Cancer Surivivors

 - Jun 9, 2014
References: upworthy & well.blogs.nytimes
A nipple artist in Maryland is taking the tattoo industry by storm by creating 3D Nipple Tattoos. Vinnie Myers is a tattoo artist who has designed 3D Nipple Tattoos that can complete the look of other breast among women who have undergone treatment for breast cancer.

Myer's 3D Nipple Tattoos are an improvement over Skin grafts that "can recreate the look of the original nipple", Kiernan writes. However, they are not popular among patients who fear another surgery and scarring.

3D Nipple Tattoos on the other hand are customized and performed by Myers who is a tattoo artist as opposed to tattooed rendition of a nipple done by doctors with little tattoo training.

3D Nipple Tattoos artist Mr. Myers says, "I’ve seen tattoos that don’t match a woman’s skin tone or her existing areola, nipples that are so large and out of proportion they take up half the breast, or nipples that are positioned so far on the sides they are almost in the armpits. Doctors have really dropped the ball on this."

In addition being 3D Nipple Tattoos, Myers has been able to create a tattoo that matches the skin tone of one of his customers who is African-American.