This Grumpy 3D Cat is Oblivious to the Revolutionary Fad It's a Part Of

 - Feb 25, 2013
References: theclearlydope.tumblr
Unfortunately, this adorable cat figure does not seem to be too happy with its 3D latte art state. It looks like it wants to go back down to the peaceful second dimension, but I am afraid no one is going to allow that at this point.

We have turned everything imaginable, from our movies, to printing practices to even our drawing onto a 3D state and we are certainly not stopping it at our latte art. All jokes aside, the grumpy cat latte art itself is certainly an impressive one. The idea of turning it into 3D is predictable and yet is still genius.

So don't be sad little kitty, bulge up and come alive. You belong to a third dimension now, soon to be consumed. Enjoy your short time here and smile.