From Fairtyale Tea Ceremonies to Upscale Dessert Tastings

 - Jun 18, 2015
These luxurious tea services range from experiential afternoon teas to French Monarch ceremonies that pay homage to historical icon, Marie Antoinette. Though its is synonymous with old money and tradition, high tea is being reinterpreted for a new generation. In addition to niche tea services that appeal to fashion fans and even upscale gentlemen -- Stafford London's afternoon tea is paired with whiskey and cigars --- other standouts include perfumed tea experiences that are multi-sensory, fusing taste and scent seamlessly.

Offered by some of the most lavish restaurants and hotels across the globe, these luxurious tea services give patrons an experience they will remember. Going far beyond a steeped cup, these experiences also feature decadent desserts, savory bites and artisanal cocktail creations.