Anny Wang Uses 3D Technology to Create Her Chaotic Illustrations

 - Jun 2, 2016
References: & blog.littlepaperplanes
Artist Anny Wang makes art using nothing but computer programs -- creating beautiful and otherworldly 3D illustrations.

The Treasures collection looks so realistic that it is difficult to imagine that it wasn't made by taking photos of various crafts and objects instead of a computer. The 3D illustrations include an image of a stack of objects -- ranging from fuzzy basketballs to gold teardrop-shaped objects that form together to look like a sculptural display. The artist also managed to design what looks like liquid gold and metal in a "splash" position, proving the attention to detail in her work. Most interestingly, Wang illustrated an image of what looks like a large glassy amethyst which showcases her skills in adding dimension and depth to her 3D illustrations.

The art that Anny Wang managed to create with her work shows the diverse impact of technology on new artistic ventures.