Lim Zhi We Creates 3D Flower Art with Watercolor Paint and Fresh Botanicals

Malaysian artist Lim Zhi Wei, who practices her art in Singapore, has created a refreshing and good-smelling series of 3D flower art. The series, titled 'Flowergirls,' features elegant watercolor illustrations of girls but with realistic dresses.

The "Flower girls" dresses are romantic-looking dresses made up entirely of real flowers. The artist used the heads of roses to create short bubble dresses, the petals of orchids to create tutus and an array of flowers to design elaborate gowns and wedding dresses. The illustrations are captivating and they make you wish that the dresses in them came in your size.

The artist is now known for her works that infuse everyday objects and has now founded the "#instaartmovement" project on Instagram that encourages others to do the same.