39° by Daniela Carvalho Embraces the Scorching Heat of Summertime

 - Apr 24, 2014
References: 156centimetros & fubiz.net
39° by Daniela Carvalho, a peruvian illustrator living in Spain, is a series of photographic paintings that embrace the scorching heat of the summer season. It is accompanied by a poem that captures the essence of each artwork: It's hot / it's summer / it's 39 degress. / I sweat. / I melt.
I sleep / I dream profundly / Oniric or real. / It's all the same now / I blink. / Everything is blurry. / It's hot. / It's 39 degrees / and everything is melting around me.

By combining both photographs and oil paints in 39° by Daniela Carvalho, she is able to depict the scenes as melting before her audience's very eyes as though actually affected by the heat. The results are mesmerizing. Vacations, beaches and more will never seem the same.