The 365 Shopping Mall Cart Will Transport Your Purchases For You

 - Feb 1, 2013
The basket cart is still used almost exclusively by elderly ladies, but the 365 Shopping Mall Cart is meant to appeal to a much more youthful crowd. Emre Caglar sees a market for adolescent girls and young women who visit shopping centers and collect bags and bags of items from a variety of different retailers.

The large single-wheel design has an undoubtedly contemporary look that's enhanced by the sleek white frame with its gentle curves. Pink accents and a matching collapsible pannier give the scooter a feminine touch, turning the 365 Shopping Mall Cart into a cute commodity unto itself. What's great about this handcart too is that you can sling your coat, purse and scarf over the long arm-like handle and you can even stop and sit on its fender to rest.