The 2x Glass Vases Take Smooth Shapes with Sharp External Textures

 - Mar 25, 2014
References: & design-milk
If you observe the 2x Glass Vases from several meters away, you will be able to appreciate the beautiful bulbous forms of the stem holders. Come closer, however, and you will notice that the outsides of the droplet-shaped containers have been covered with what appear to be splintered bits of glass.

Assembly Design made the lovely raindrop amphoras by employing traditional glass blowing procedures including mouth-blowing techniques. The smooth contours of the bouquet holders are made individually and uniquely before they are embellished with fragments of the same material, broken.

The resultant look of the 2x Glass Vases makes them appear like frozen forms that are slowly drooping, sagging and cracking apart due to heat. The clarity of the colorless glass keeps the items looking clean and intriguing, despite the marvellously muddled nature of the compositions.