This Assistive Electric Trike is Inspired By the Citroen 2CV Car

Anyone with a fleeting knowledge of the history of French automotive accomplishments knows that the Citroen 2CV is truly a masterful piece of automotive engineering and design, which is why an Italy-based bicycle designer by the name of Luca Agnelli has decided to go ahead and develop an electric trike that is designed to capture some of the most iconic design cues of the iconic Citroen.

Dubbed the 2CV Paris, this electric trike even draws inspiration from the annals of cargo tricycles, with a design that is reminiscent of the famous Doniselli Duomo. The end result is a truly unique electric trike that is equipped with a 36-volt motor and a Panasonic battery pack, with riders able to choose between electric assistance of the strength of their own calf muscles.

This particular vehicle is a great example of electric trikes transcending mere functionality, and taking on aesthetic character that makes them appeal to a wider swathe of commuters and auto enthusiasts.