United Nation's 21st-Century Sistine Chapel

 - Nov 23, 2008
References: spiegel.de & sycologist.blogspot
Miquel Barceló, an artist from Majorcan, Spain, is the man who created (with workers, of course) this ravishing ceiling in a conference room at the United Nations (UN) Headquarters in Geneva.

The New Human Rights and Alliance of Civilisations Chamber is so ravishing, in fact, that this art, which took two years to create, has been nicknamed the ‘21st Century Sistine Chapel.’

Normally, a work of this magnitude would be at the forefront of Internet buzz right now. However, overshadowing Barceló’s stunning achievement is its €25 million price tag--millions of which came directly from the coffers of UN funds meant to go to starving children throughout the world or other worthier causes.

Regardless of the United Nation’s irresponsible spending, Barceló’s work is amazing and it should be recognized.

The whole world is in financial turmoil.  Unemployment is escalating, people with jobs are struggling to make ends meet, and homeless rates are on the rise. Doesn’t it make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that UN officials have such a nice, multi-million-euro room in which to sit and chat about how to solve the world’s economic crisis? 

Photos 2-4: Agustí Torres/Onuart