This 18-Rotor Volocopter Could Revolutionize Personal Transportation

 - Apr 8, 2016
References: press.volocopter & gizmag
E-volo has gone ahead and developed an exceptionally high-tech and innovative volocopter that stands out because it is fitted with not one, not four but eighteen rotors, giving it some serious advantages when it goes ahead and takes flight.

The 18-rotor volocopter has a rather intimidating and complex shape but is actually designed to make it easier than ever for the regular masses to enjoy the wonders of personal flight -- indeed it's so easy to control this volocopter that pretty much anyone can pick it up quickly. This particular volocopter happens to be built from fiber composite materials and weighs 450 kg, and it relies on nine batteries that power the all-electric motors.

Ultimately, this futuristic volocopter could revolutionize personal transportation by making flight more accessible.