12-Course Feast In a Can is There for You When the World Ends

 - Aug 16, 2013
References: chrisgodfrey.me & wired
A conventional dinner in an unconventional setting, Chris Godfrey introduces consumers to his ultimate 12-Course Feast in a Can.

The canned meal commences with an introduction of local cheeses and sour dough bread, followed by pickled kobe beef and ricotta ravioli. After a few more side dishes and pallet cleansers, the piece de resistance arrives: a rib eye steak with grilled mustard greens. After 10 savory dishes, the feast finishes on a sweet note as consumers plunge their forks into a French canelé accompanied by a hazelnut latte. On paper this sounds delightful, just remember this entire meal is served in one gelatinous, wiggling tower!

Chris Godfrey’s feast was inspired by his views on consumer culture and what drives the masses to buy a company’s products. His conclusion? Quality products and sheer convenience. Godfrey’s 12-Course Feast in a Can lives up to the label and there is not an ounce of false advertising in the gourmet stacked ingredients. Although Godfrey is trying to shed humor on the food industry, it’s possible he may have actually found one solution to the Zombie Apocalypse.