The 11+ Bottle Humidifier Mini Enhances the Atmosphere Via USB

 - Oct 1, 2014
References: & store.leibal
One look at the 11+ Bottle Humidifier Mini and you may be skeptical about its ability to influence the atmosphere of your interior spaces. This is only a natural assumption; however, the user would be surprised about this powerful product.

While you wouldn't activate the tiny appliance on the other side of the room, it is ideal for using by your bed or at your desk. Over about eight hours, the transparent bottle can convert 30mL of water into vapor, noticeably moistening the air in your immediate vicinity.

Comparable in size to your toiletries containers, the 11+ Bottle Humidifier Mini doesn't present the cumbersome storage conundrums of the typical appliance. Stash it in a drawer or a cabinet and simply connect it to a USB port whenever you've had enough dryness.