The 10 Unit Seating System is Constructed with Simple L-Shaped Segments

 - Feb 1, 2013
References: shigerubanarchitects & dornob
It is always fascinating to see what incredible and complex things that a good designer can do with relatively basic building blocks. Such is the case with the 10 Unit Seating System, which comprises a series of L-shaped wooden pieces that are fixed together in different configurations.

In collaboration with artek, architect Shigeru Ban came up with this extended bench with chairs that face in both directions. Backrests are an unexpected comfort for this sort of lengthy outdoor setup, terminating at flat sections that function as conjoined side tables. The 10 Unit Seating System comes in either black or white and can be assembled to span any distance, dependent on how many modules you choose to use. The builder is free to the decide on the orientations and width of the seats in the eco-friendly bench.