From Quirky 70s Collections to Iconic Celebrity Muses

 - Feb 25, 2012
Whether you love him or hate him, Woody Allen is a huge part of this century's pop culture. Though identified by many as an absolute mad man, Allen is revered by many others as a king of comedy and master of film, among many other things.

Perhaps one of Woody Allen's more famous contributions to pop culture is the lasting mark his 1970s film Annie Hall made on the fashion industry, as its leading lady character of the same name, played by Diane Keaton, donned menswear in a way that was truly mesmerizing. Women everywhere still try to achieve that listless approach to androgyny, as is exemplified by the Boy by Band of Outsiders Pre-Fall collection of this year.

Allen is also known for switching muses as often as most switch shoes; however, all of his lucky leading ladies get their paid dues in the now-iconic editorial spread 'Woody's Women' for the W Magazine June 2011 edition.