From Chic Lumber Shades to Bamboo Sunnies

 - Jul 5, 2012
Though there are dozens of RayBan knock-offs enjoying heavy popularity, the world of wonderfully wooden sunnies could be the staple in your collection of beach eye wear.

The spectacles serve as both a fashion statement and a call to be environmentally friendly. Made from wood or bamboo, these glasses keep their birch color to show off their natural sheen. Though featuring different shapes and frame styles, they hold one thing in common: their refreshingly organic material. Wood is biodegradable whereas the conventional sunglasses material, plastic, takes much longer to decompose.

North American society is one with intense pressure to keep up with current fashion fads, yet people are simultaneously criticized for consumerism and a lack of environmental consciousness. Wooden sunnies are the solution to escape either slandering tirades.