From Intricate Couture Tresses to Hairy Masks

 - Sep 6, 2011
If you’ve been looking for a new ways to rock braids -- or maybe haven’t even thought of braiding your locks since you were about 10-years-old -- then this collection of hairstyles is here to inspire.

While some of these styles are not actually wearable, if they’re not beautiful, then they’re highly creative.

In the slide show you’ll see we’ve pulled together some of the most creative ways to rock braids, including fake braid head pieces, loose and romantic braids, braids accessorized with woven-in jewelry, religious halo braids, side braids, tight french braids on catwalks, tie-dyed braids in crazy colors, fancy updos that merge braids and faux antlers, tiny braids stretching over the head like a hairband, braid helmets, braided pompadours, backward braids (yes, they hang in front of your face), and braids with beautiful fabrics woven into them. Phew!

What are your favorite ways to rock braids?