- Jan 21, 2013
You don't necessarily have to be a meat eater to enjoy the delicious flavors of bacon or beef because these vegetarian meat-flavored finds are just the ticket to satisfy a little carnivorous craving. Meat-free individuals are sure to get a kick out of these items that include such absurdities as bacon-flavored candies and soft drinks.

One product within this collection might just turn out to be the single most coveted item on the list; the bacon olive oil is meatless, but still packs the aromatic flavor and scent of the greasy breakfast food. There are no doubt a number of vegetarians and vegans out there that would prefer to steer clear of anything that has to do with meat, but what's likely is that even the thought of pork product-flavored desserts will bring about a number of chuckles.

From Porky Salad Toppers to Meat-Flavored Candies: