From Spiked Valentine Trinkets to Vital Organ Jewelry

 - Feb 5, 2013
Anatomical hearts are an adorned form of geeky Valentine's Day designs. Finding a truly meaningful Valentine's Day gift can be very difficult. The over-rated and brutally inaccurate heart shape symbols may understandably not be as expressive as one wishes them to be. Especially if you are aware and annoyed with the fact that the heart keeps getting used as a love symbol when really, the organ has nothing to do with it.

These acutely accurate anatomical finds will be great gift ideas for lovers who want to get a bit more real with their affection depictions. Even though the organ has nothing to do with the feelings, it has everything to do with the love quotes that go with it. With these anatomical tees and anatomical heart jewelry, you can let your lover know that you will now literally be wearing your heart on your sleeve.