- Jun 16, 2012
One of the ethos of skateboarding is DIY, resulting in a wide variety of upcycled skateboard finds. In these eco-conscious times, many people are reusing old supplies to imagine a plethora of new ones. It has become a great way to capitalize, as is demonstrated by the Vuerich Brothers who created the upcycled skate deck shades.

Artists such as Hiroshi are constantly using the wood from colorful boards as a way to create anything from fruity eco sculptures to recycled sharkboards. Often it is artists who have such a strong connection to the sport, living their lives according to skater lifestyle. The ideas from people such as Bjorn Holm, the creator of recycled deck surfboards, are constantly trying to find ways to interact with the sport.

And others find skateboards as a great way to decorate a home as is demonstrated by skater storage systems, turning boards into handy shelves

From Wooden Wayfarers to Rainbow-Happy Sneaks: