Erickson Longboards are Designed and Made from Reclaimed Wood

 - Jul 22, 2010   Updated: Jun 1 2011
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Erickson Longboards are sleek and stylish skateboards that are completely constructed from reclaimed and recycled wood. According to the company's website, Erickson Longboards are handmade to look good no matter where they are.

Erickson is doing its part for the world by using reclaimed wood. Best of all, Erickson Longboards are custom made, so your board is detailed and designed especially for you.

Implications - The rising eco consciousness of society has resulted in an increase of environmentally friendly transportation. The development of hybrid cars is appreciated, but not everyone can afford that luxury. Because of this, people are looking for alternative modes of transportation that stay true to their lifestyle and make traveling faster. Designers can look into reusing scrap parts in building skateboards or bikes as a solution for commuters who wish to avoid the expenses of gas.