- Jun 22, 2012
With wedding season in full gear, brides and grooms will be on the hunt for unique decorations and designs, why not include these unorthodox cake toppers in the ceremony? Newlyweds can enjoy these quirky, comical and personality-filled toppers atop their traditional wedding cake.

On your first day as husband and wife, why not show off your second love, whether it is video games, aliens, sci-fi characters or locomotives, and display it proudly on your wedding cake? Standout from the traditional wedding crowd and embellish your cake with these parodied toppers. Let your friends and family enjoy your whimsically topped wedding cake, while you bask in the matrimonial afterglow. Spread some laughter on your big day and enjoy your unorthodox cake toppers, and most importantly, your new life with the one you love.

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