From Feminine Floral Captures to Unique iPad Covers

 - Mar 14, 2013
This week's top trends ranged from gorgeous spring-like editorials to unique iPad covers made of duct tape. Fashion, tech and bizarre finds were highly coveted by readers, many of which featured minimalist or subdued designs.

In the fashion world, we saw some amazing juxtaposition in terms of photo shoot aesthetics. The Pop 'The New York Now' editorial was a rather ethereal take on fashion photography, with a surrealist twist to add visual interest. 'La Justiciere,' an editorial in Twill Magazine, showed a much darker side, with a dark setting and armor-like accessories.

One of the big breakout stories this week was a photo series that depicted a man who has accumulated a Barbie collection worth $30,000. Unsurprisingly, the collection and the man behind it intrigued many readers.

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