The Photoshoot by Paul Schmidt for Commons & Sense is Dark

The editorial by photographer Paul Schmidt for Commons & Sense is dark and gritty. Shot in studio against a vacuous black backdrop, model Tamy Glauser and her feathery companion appears to be floating in a void. Despite the simplicity of the set, the photoshoot itself is rife with a nonchalant attitude that adds a dimension of emotion to the images. This mood perfectly suits the androgynous looks the bald beauty is clad in.

Appearing in the pages of the publication's latest issue, the editorial by Paul Schmidt for Commons & Sense showcases a slew of dramatic shapes and sensuous silhouettes. It is interesting to note that the dark void extends to the clothes by slightly diminishing their bright white palette. This lends a sinister vibe that stylist Shino Itoi uses to her benefit.