- May 2, 2011
From underwater fairytale photography to submerged dancer photography, a series of sensational utopian images are explored in this top list. It captures the most beautiful submerged photo shoots of fashion, fairytale, sports and babies.

Whether it's tourists swimming with sharks, gorgeous models in gowns completely submerged underwater in dance-like poses or submerged cute babies, each of these captures is uniquely utopian and will put you into a totally serene state. The underwater utopias mostly capture people in a totally serene state and graceful world away from strife. There is even a pig swimming in the Caribbean enjoying its own utopian scene. The technique is embraced by photographers like Zena Holloway, Rasmus Kaessmann, Elena Kalis and much more, with each using their own creative set of incredible lighting, props and colors.

The underwater utopia photography technique is a sensational idea for any photo shoot to bring fantasy, serenity and utopia to inspire others.

A Collection Capturing the Beauty of Submerged Photography: