From Hi-Tech Comic Book Boxers to Secret Compartment Underwear

 - May 18, 2013
If you’re looking to get a hysterical gag gift for your boyfriend that he can actually use, then these humorous undergarments for him are perfectly equipped to keep him laughing all day long.

While undergarments are often thought of as a practical gift-giving option, nowadays these ordinary pieces of clothing are becoming outfitted with comical and out-of-the-ordinary features that one can’t help but be amused at. While men may not think twice about the kind of underwear they put on in the morning, these comical boxers and briefs serve to add a fun and entertaining touch to an otherwise bland clothing item.

From superhero boxers that target comic book fans to those that can cleverly conceal your stomach, these humorous underwear options are perfect for any man looking to poke fun at their clothing.