- Feb 3, 2011   Updated: Mar 30 2011
If you are looking to "branch" out of the typical clean-lined interior design fad, try your hand at injected a little nature into your abode with some tree branch decor!

From coat hangers that mimic trees to benches with outdoorsy backrests, these tree branch decor designs allow you to stay in touch with Mother Nature -- without the bugs!

Implications - There is no rule that says interior decor has to be a rigid and boring affair, with more and more companies realizing that consumers are hungry for products that embrace a far more natural and organic aesthetic. The sense of playfulness and fun that pieces following stylistic themes (such as forestry) convey is a majorly attractive concept for modern day consumers, and smart designers would do well to keep that in mind.

From Wooden Hooks to Tree Trunk Chairs: