From Nutty Touchdown Re-Enactments to Rocking Football Stars

This Denver Bronco has one of the greatest stories to be told in sports history and these Tim Tebow Innovations show how much he has influenced pop culture as of late. During the 2011-2012 NFL season, Tebow led his team to 8-8 after starting the season 1-4. This stretch included a six game win streak in which Tim Tebow made one fourth quarter comeback after another.

As soon as Tebowmania began to catch on, there were sightings of him all over pop culture. Playboy Playmates got down on one knee and imitated Tebow praying to Jesus while Jimmy Fallon created the character Tebowie who was half Tebow and half David Bowie. Tebow's religious views inspired blue and orange "What Would Tebow Do?" bracelets. His miraculous comebacks inspired Marvel to create a Tim Tebow comic book.

The funny thing is that while Tebow is a huge Jesus supporter, he has arguably become more popular than the Son of God with his name being the most Googled in the world for a few days. Surely, Tim Tebow innovations may begin to take over the world.