- Mar 16, 2011
You know when an electronic falls into the luxury category as soon as the word Swarovski is attached to it. Swarovski is extremely well-known for their glamorous crystals. This list of amazingly sparkly Swarovski electronics has more bling than you can imagine! Featuring items such as ritzy crystallized computers, glittery python handsets and insanely expensive speakers. I guess if you have some extra money, you can afford to put a little bling on it!

A popular theme among Swarovski electronics is bedazzling the cell phone. Phones get crystallized in all sorts of colors and designs that shine like the sun. Even gamers are getting in on the Swarovski electronics craze by decorating their gaming consoles like the Xbox Kinect.

From Crystalized Smoke Cellulars to Itty-Bitty Luxury Cameras: