Derivative Products from Puzzling Timepieces to Number-Based Drinking Games

 - Feb 20, 2012
It’s easy to capitalize off of something’s popularity simply by referencing it in a new product, but these quirky Sudoku spinoffs take the numbers-based puzzle game into new territories no one could have ever imagined. From Sudoku/Rubik’s cube fusions to three dimensional versions of the game, fans are amplifying the challenge and brain power required to solve the popular pastime. Still, those two examples are nothing compared to some of the other zany products that can be classified as Sudoku spinoffs.

Since alcohol seems to enhance everyone’s enjoyment of everything, a Sudoku-themed drinking board game was created, called SudoDRINKu. And for those who prefer playing brainteasers rather than reading during bathroom breaks, Sudoku toilet paper may be right up your alley. To avoid awkward situations, however, you may not want to complete an entire game during a bathroom visit.