- Oct 2, 2014
These snack bar innovations range from savory Granola snacks to meat-infused chocolates that are not your run-of-the-mill vending machine find. While traditional snack bars are a favorite among conventional audiences, these more unique products are set to appeal to daring foodies and lovers of exotic flavor pairings.

A great example from this list is Kit Kat's Green Zunda flavor that boasts ground edamame bean ingredients. The unconventional snack is available in Japan's official Kit Kat boutique and is an example of cultural influences on a seemingly traditional and familiar product. Another favorite from this list is KIND's 'Strong & KIND' granola collection that boasts unlikely flavors of the healthy snacks. They include Thai Sweet Chili and Honey Mustard snacks.

From Savory Granola Snacks to Carnivorous Chocolate Treats: