These Strange Halloween Treats Revive Salted Tears and Cubed Earwax

Instead of giving out the regular Kit Kat, Oh Henry and Crispy Crunch candy bars for Halloween this year, try out Hoxton Street Monster Supplies's strange Halloween treats.

Established in London, England in 1818, this spooky store is reminiscent of a magically wicked apothecary where various strange items are inspired by children's books such as 'The Chills,' 'Night Terrors' and ' A Christmas Carol.' Other weird items include 'Salt Made of Tears' like Sneezing, Anger and Sorrow as well as Cubed Earwax, which is surprisingly "back by popular demand," as reported by Hoxton.

These Halloween treats are a great way to introduce kids to these great children's classics as well as fire up their imagination by seeing what wackiness can be created from enjoying a simple novel.