From Cherry-Scented Smog Shooters to Stunning Smoketography

 - Jun 29, 2009   Updated: Apr 6 2011
There's nothing like the way a wisp of smoke curls in the air, and this slideshow of smoke and fog innovations celebrates that beauty in spades.

From cherry-scented smoke ring shooters that are perfect for Halloween to stellar smoketography that captures the aforementioned wisps of smoke at their finest, these foggy innovations will leave you spellbound.

Implications - Consumers are always impressed by products that define cutting edge, and anything that incorporates smoke and fog into its design definitely falls under that category. Products like this defy consumer's notions of what is possible and turn visually stunning natural processes into functional tools that awe and inspire. Any company willing to explore truly futuristic ideas such as manipulating fog and smoke is bound to get the attention of a wide number of people.