From Sticky Smartphone Mounts to VR-Ready Smartphones

 - Jan 13, 2017
At CES 2017, smartphone technologies remained king. Though other types of devices have begun to make waves in the world of tech -- things like smart watches or even smart headphones -- smartphones remain the most common devices among consumers. As such, companies have continued to innovate, both in terms of the phones themselves and the peripherals surrounding them.

One of the most interesting peripherals from CES 2017 is the OX Case for the new iPhone 7. Since Apple's new iPhone 7 was released without a traditional headphone jack, the new OX case from Incipio is a low profile way for consumers who don't own wireless headphones to put that jack back.

In terms of smartphone technologies at CES 2017, the new Asus ZenFone is a beast of a device. Its processing power makes it capable of handling VR and AR smoothly -- an increasingly important feature as those forms of entertainment gain popularity.