From Responsive Home Systems to Home Consumption Monitors

 - Jan 12, 2015
There was an ample collection of smart home gadgets that made their debut at CES 2015. The homes of the future are super-connected, efficient and eco-aware.

Most of the smart home devices were concentrated on monitoring and reducing costs of the home. For instance, the Nest Smart Thermostat joined forces with the Automatic Smart Driving Monitor to reduce energy costs. The Smart Driving Monitor notifies the Nest Smart Thermostat when the homeowner is away, allowing it to lower the heating or cooling systems until they return. Similarly, WeMo's 'Echo Technology' system was designed to measure water and power consumption, allowing homeowners to be more eco-conscious (and frugal).

Many of the devices were compatible with Apple's HomeKit, allowing iOS users to make voice commands through Siri.