From Express Grocery Stores to Micro Basement Bakeries

 - Aug 3, 2017
In order to better cater to the demands of busy consumers who live in urban environments, a number of companies are experimenting with the launch small-scale retail spaces. This includes ultra-condensed stores like Walmart To Go, Target Express, Sephora Studio and London Drugs' LDExpress.

Although these stores lack the space to hold the inventory that can be found in big-box retail outlets, they offer curated selections to the discerning urban shopper who is pressed for time. An example of this is the hybrid Fourth + Court Hy-Vee "grocerant," which sells a selection of fresh produce and prepared meals.

Retailers are pushing the limits of small-scale retail spaces by exploring 1,400 square meter department stores, pop-up restaurants in laneways and even entire shopping malls that occupy just 6,800 square feet in all.