From Rejuvenating Sleep Stations to Slumber-Inducing Masks

 - May 23, 2013
When it comes to getting enough rest during the night, sometimes we need all the help we can get to put us to bed, and these creative sleep-inducing technologies are designed to help individuals enter a slumber state.

Even though the recommended number of hours of sleep per night is between 7 to 8 for adults, we often find it difficult to reach that number. The combination of working late, social media and planning ahead often causes our minds to run at full capacity, making it hard to easily fall asleep. These sleep-inducing technologies however, allows us to relax more, which makes the sleep process much more easier.

From temperature-adjusting comforters to sleeping headbands that can play soft and soothing tunes, these sleep-inducing technologies are fully equipped to make you fall asleep for as long as you can.