The Sleep Assisting Music Headband Helps You Relax

 - Dec 16, 2012
References: hammacher & coolest-gadgets
If you find that it is helpful to have music playing gently when you are trying to fall asleep, you should try the Sleep Assisting Music Headband.

Because of its comfortable stretchy fit, you can wear this headband to sleep without feeling any protruding plastic pieces sticking into your head as you would with normal earbuds. It has a 48-inch audio cord that connects to your MP3 player so you can change the music up whenever you need to and the cord fits right into a discreet pocket to keep it from getting tangled. This soothing, sleep-inducing accessory is perfect for someone who needs to zone out snoring from their sleeping partner.

The Sleep Assisting Music Headband sends you to sleep.