The Snooze Alarm for Apple iPhone by Distil Union is Convenient

 - Jun 26, 2012
References: kickstarter & gearhungry
When the dreaded morning finally arrives, which is commonly accompanied by the sound of a shrill alarm, put that annoying alert system to rest with the Snooze Alarm for Apple iPhone by Distil Union. Individuals will no longer fumble with their iPhone's minute-sized snooze button if they have this humongous sleep-inducing accessory at their side. With an excessively large snooze button that sits on top of a skillfully crafted maple stand, the piece makes it so that a serene sleep is not a distant dream, but rather a full-blown reality.

This alarm clock was created for and inspired by individuals who are tired of fumbling with alarms in the wee hours of the morning. The alarm dock securely holds an iPhone in place with the clock portion perfectly visible; this means no more knocking iPhones off night tables, no more skepticism of what the time actually is and no more sleeping past important meetings.

Ensure you're not late for work, you don't damage your iPhone and your alarm isn't deactivated altogether and use the iPhone Alarm Dock by Distil Union.