Ease the Pain Easily with USB Eye Warmers

 - Nov 4, 2012
References: techcrunch & ubergizmo
Relax overworked eyes with a convenient USB eye warmer that can be easily stowed at home or the office.

Trying to blink with tired eyes creates a burning sensation, making eyes water profusely, adding to the painful stinging feeling. Instead of running back and forth to the sink to run your towel under hot water, a more convenient solution is provided. Thanko, a Japanese company that specializes in temperature-controlled items, usually powered via USBs, created the USB eye warmers to help soothe strained eyes due to prolonged sessions in front of the computer or paperwork. Like seat warmers in cars, it comes with adjustable high and low settings. Whenever it feels time to take a break, wrap the mask around your eyes like a sleeping eye cover and plug it into the USB port for fast and easy relief.