From Customizable Dresser Designs to All-Organic Lunch Kits

 - Sep 29, 2017
These September 2017 DIY innovations not only include craft and building projects that offer consumers a low-cost and personalized alternative to other products on the market, but products that were made to be adapted to a consumer's needs with just a few adjustments.

For example, Nike's 'Gakou Flyknit' was made to allow for at-home customization, as it gives consumers all the tools they need to decorate the simplistic silhouette to their liking. Included are stencils of Nike's 'Swish' logo and name, which can be applied to the sneakers anywhere that the consumer sees fit. With this, Nike ensures that its branding is still incorporated on each consumer's design, while also giving them the freedom to experiment with different placements and colors.