- Jun 19, 2012
It is no surprise the complete diversity of these Sebastian Errazuriz Finds. The Chilean-born, New York-based artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz is a creative virtuoso. Errazuriz's work takes on so many dimensions, from political statements to masterpieces in design.

Lately his work has been criticizing the financial crisis and unsatisfication in the way the world is going that sparked the Occupy Movement. In his socially charged seating project, Errazuriz took real slogans from the protestors' signs during the Occupy Movement and reworked them onto chairs, while his dollar-sign street art painted the streets in a more avant-garde public display.

Errazuriz's other work just shows of the ingenuity of his mind. From his zip-away fashion that consisted of a dress made up of 127 zippers to the holy wine treats he created for his gallery show. Errazuriz makes bold statements in his art working to spark conversations and imaginations.

From Dollar-Sign Street Art to Shopping Cart Birdcages: