The Sebastian Errazuriz ‘Wall Street Nation’ Intervention is Re

 - May 26, 2012
References: meetsebastian & mocoloco
The Sebastian Errazuriz ‘Wall Street Nation’ piece interjects dollar bills onto the streets. The New York-based artist and designer’s latest public street intervention involves tagging roadway lines with a white ‘S’—transforming them into dollar signs.

The message behind the work is to illustrate the paralyzing power of greed in today’s society—specifically corporate america. Major companies influence politicians who in turn sway the views of the legal system that affect the general public. It is a dangerous cycle that is based upon the human need for satisfaction and beyond. Errazuriz states in his artist bio, he "creates works that can remind people of their mortality." With the struggles of daily life whizzing by at a rapid pace, it is easy to forget about humility and justice.

The Sebastian Errazuriz ‘Wall Street Nation’ is an eye-opening display that questions the path capitalistic views have taken society towards.