From Aromatherapy Eye Packs to Essential Oil Diffusers

 - May 20, 2015
These scent therapy innovations range from aroma-infused eye packs to essential oil diffusers that are said to enhance one's mood. Insomnia is a common feat for many who lead a busy lifestyle and these aromatherapy products are a great way to treat sleep deficiencies and restlessness naturally.

This list's sensory innovations are not limited to high tech diffusers and scent-focused air purifiers but also include homemade cosmetics, bath products and even cleaning supplies that clean the air while healing through scent therapy.

In addition to diffusers and organic skincare products, this list also zones in on sleeping masks and experiential scent bars. The latter allows visitors to seek relief and treatment for insomnia and other ailments through a customized aromatherapy service that calms and cures the senses.