This Saje Aromatherapy Blend is Intended to Help Stop Cravings

 - Dec 31, 2014
References: saje & saje
Saje Wellness' Crave Away is a roll-on essential oil remedy that was specifically put together to help stop cravings. Touted as a "hunger-satiating remedy that encourages healthy eating patterns," this blend of food aromas is designed to send signals to the brain that the body is sated. These powerful scents include sweet ones like benzoin and licorice-like fennel help to soothe the nervous system, as well as discourage emotional eating and overindulgence. Clean and refreshing scents from spearmint and peppermint create a sense of satisfaction in the body, while orange, grapefruit and lemon essential oil cut cravings for sweets.

While one side of this bottle can be used for topical applications, Saje's unique double-sided bottle also makes it easy to add a few drops into a diffuser.