Obamalanterns & Sarah Palinkins

 - Oct 8, 2008
This Halloween, prepare to see Barack Obama and Sarah Palin themes in your neighborhood as people get creative with political pumpkin wars!

Halloween is a great time to unleash some creativity, so we’ll no doubt see more Barack Obamalanterns, Mccainkins and Sarah Palinkins. Some political pumpkin templates can be found at Zombie pumpkins. The site also keeps a running poll of download stats; 64.1% of users have downloaded the Barack Obama pumpkin template and 35.9% the John McCain one. (If Sarah Palin had been in the running, the numbers would have been different.)

The slideshow below highlights some of the most unique pumpkin images on the web.

The Sarah Palin and Barack Obama pumpkins are truly great though; and what a way to show your vote! Although most children probably wouldn’t take note of this, seeing a burning Barack Obama lantern and a snugged out Sarah Palin pumpkin is a great way to keep parents amused.