From Bite-Sized Gourmet Subs to Middle Eastern Falafel Sandwiches

 - May 21, 2015
These artisanal sandwich lunches range from bite-sized gourmet subs to Middle Eastern falafel meals that are inspired by traditional recipes. As the artisanal sandwich cafe becomes more prevalent among urban centers, consumers' desire for handcrafted lunches is on the rise.

Borrowing from tradition, these meals remix classic recipes and infuse them with a contemporary twist--think gourmet on-the-go meals and updated sandwich classic that adhere to strict diet rules.

In addition the list's gluten-free examples, its other standouts include meatless sandwich substitutes that will appeal to veggie lovers and foodies with an appreciation for traditional meals with a healthy kick. Furthermore, the list's savory donut, breadstick bun and waffle sandwich varieties appeal to extreme foodies and are crafted with unconventional ingredients.